Main line express trains never stop at Forncett, unless the company lays on a holiday special to the seaside.

Branch line trains run on a regular basis, especially on market days at Norwich, Pulham Market & Wymondam. (Timetable to be announced later)

Coal delivery on a weekly basis.

Milk on a daily basis, no bottling capability at Forncett.

Produce transport as and when required by local business.

The fiddle yard represents  Norwich, Liverpool Street, and Lowestoft termani, as well as the branch stations Wymondham and Dereham westwards, and Pulham Market and Beccles eastwards.

Trains arrive in the fiddle yard from the Up and Down Main Line and the Branch Lines. The engines uncouple, drive to the nearest turntable, turn, then couple up to the opposite end of their coaches for the timetabled return journey.

Goods trains operation is a little different. After arriving in the fiddle yard from London and the East Coast nonstop through Forncett, some wagons will be split into trains for onward movement to Branches via Forncett, with some of the wagons remaining at Forncett for unloading and loading, before returning to the fiddle yard, then nonstop through Forncett to London and the East Coast. Some goods wagons will be added to the branch line trains with goods from the Forncett area.